UNIQ is a Worldwide Leader in E-cigarette Technology Industries. Founded in 2008, UNIQ has become recognized for its philosophy of “Strong, Kind and Sustainable development” , which resulted in great sales and prosperous deals in a lot of countries.

Over the last 5 years, we were concentrated on creating and developing innovative Technology for the Electronic Cigarette market. We set up the production of numerous types of Rechargeable E-cigarettes, such as Mini E-cigarettes, e-Go Series and the Variable Voltage series. Also the start of Lava-tube, U-Max and Z-Max series made us one of the top three Manufacturers of Variable Voltage and Wattage E-cigarettes in early 2011.

UNIQ has a vast experience in e-Go series Electronic Cigarettes gained within the last several years of serving a number of famous brands around US, UK and Europe.

Thus, a prolific cooperation of our R&D team with famous international firms and colleges has brought us to a discovery of the atomizer and cartomizer series, featuring a glue-free and lead-free welding Technology.

As a matter of fact our CEO is a South Asian Medical Doctor (Dr Ali) as well as the Technician and QC is controlled by Foreign Qualified Engineers, that makes us the only E-Cig factory with Qualified Engineering and Quality Control experts. At the time our team developed several e-Go series E-Cig like v-Go, eVOD-T and eGo-Pro that became the best selling products on the market.

Today, UNIQ is a front-runner in the field of Electronic cigarette products and is widely known for its successful partnership with various multinational corporations. With strong R&D capabilities, we always meet the New ODM and OEM customers’ requirements. Our clients, the No.1 E-Cig suppliers in their markets, are distributed in most countries and regions of Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and Asia. And that certainly proves UNIQ tech to be not just a highly Professional Manufacturer, but also a very beneficial business partner helping its customers to prevail in a very harsh Technological competition.


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